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Hotline for former BA staff

In today’s highly challenging markets, BA has had to make big changes to its business in order to remain competitive; part of this change process included a close examination of its cost base, including access to staff travel benefits.


The changes to the staff travel programme for former employees that come into effect on 1 April 2014 are designed to retain some travel benefits for former employees.


In order to be eligible to access the Hotline programme you need to have a qualifying period of service with the airline. You will then need to enrol in the programme and pay a modest annual subscription that we believe you will recover the first time you use Hotline to purchase tickets.


The administration of access to the Hotline programmes is handled by BA Clubs and the annual charge is levied to cover the running costs of the programme, which supports the BA Clubs organisation. The Hotline programme itself will still be managed by a dedicated team at BA.

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Hotline Terms & Conditions

1. General Information and Definitions

1.1 In these terms and conditions, the following words shall have the following meanings:
“BA Franchisee” means Comair Ltd., and SUN-AIR of Scandinavia A/S
and other carriers notified by BA from time to time;
“Child” means a child of 2 years or over, but under 12 years of age;
“Codeshare” services are those services where passengers book a flight with a BA flight no. but those services are operated by an independent airline with whom BA has an agreement.
“Discounted Published Fares” are fares that have been discounted from the publicly available published fare level;
“Hotlines” means both Discounted Published Fares available via a dedicated Closed User Group
“Hotline Booker” means any person entitled to access the BA Clubs Former Staff Hotline Site, subject to Clauses 7 and 8.3 of these terms and conditions;
“Hotline Year” means each period of twelve months
“Infant” means an infant under 2 years of age;
“Open Sectors” means the destination is specified but the dates are left open


1.2 Hotlines are subject to availability and can be booked by Hotline Bookers only.
1.4 Hotlines are only bookable online.
1.5 The Hotline Booker must be BA Clubs approved in order to book Hotlines. By making a Hotline booking the Hotline Booker confirms and accepts the terms and conditions set out herein.
1.6 The Hotline Booker must complete the mandatory email address field when making a Hotline booking. This allows the passenger to receive an email e-ticket receipt and to print his/her own email e-ticket receipt.
1.7 BA Clubs reserves the right to terminate or vary these terms and conditions without notice.

2. The Discount

2.1 Hotline Bookers can book Hotlines subject to availability.
2.2 Hotlines cannot be used in conjunction with hand baggage only fares, any Avios redemption programme, any other discount, discount coupon, voucher, promotion, or special offer (whether issued solely by BA or jointly with any other organisation), bonus, award or certificate unless it is a tactical promotion preapproved by Revenue Management.
2.3 The Hotline discount is available only on BA operated flights and BA Franchisee flights booked in semi flexible i.e. not fully flexible booking classes. Other airlines, oneworld & codeshare flights are excluded.
2.4 Tickets on departure are not available for Hotlines.
2.5 Tickets issued at Discounted Published Fares are subject to the restrictions, if any, notified at time of booking. Please read all fare rules carefully.
2.6 Travel on Hotline tickets shall be subject to BA’s Notice and Conditions of Contract as stated on each ticket, the relevant carrier’s General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage (see for details), the fare rules applicable to the ticket purchased and all other relevant ticketing and contractual conditions which will be notified at time of booking save that where there is any contradiction between any such conditions and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall take precedence.
2.7 Discounted Published Fares may be upgraded, provided the applicable fare rules permit.
2.8 Hotlines are often highly restricted. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.

3. Hotline Allowance

3.1 Each Hotline Booker can make up to 20 Hotline bookings each Hotline Year, for up to 9 passengers per booking. The Hotline Booker need not travel.
3.2 Unused Hotline allowance cannot be carried forward into a new Hotline Year under any circumstances.
3.3 If a Hotline booking is cancelled in its entirety prior to departure the Hotline Booker’s allowance will be credited with the appropriate number.
3.4 If a Hotline booking is made in one Hotline Year and cancelled in the next Hotline Year, no credit will be given.

4. Servicing Hotline Bookings

4.1. Flight Hotline Servicing both before and mid travel – can either be carried out on “Manage My Booking” on or by phoning the CBA Contact centres
4.4. Name Corrections – When a genuine error concerning an incorrect or misspelled name occurs, then BA contact centres need to be phoned. If the change is possible the appropriate service fees will apply.
Within 24 Hours of payment
– One correction can be made to a full or partial passenger name
– All 3rd party guidelines must be adhered to. We would not make a correction to a payment cardholder name if the booking was identified as a 1st party booking i.e. the booking must stipulate 3rd party – yes.
Outside 24 hours of payment
– One correction only if the customer’s booking has been ticketed in a name that does not match their passport, (e.g. maiden / abbreviated name)
– Proof of the correct name will be required (e.g. marriage certificate, or copy of passport)
– All 3rd party guidelines must be adhered to. We would not make a correction to a payment cardholder name if the booking was identified as a 1st party booking i.e. the booking must stipulate 3rd party – yes
If another carrier operates any flight within the Hotline booking, changes at any time will not be possible.
4.5 BA accepts no liability for damage or loss resulting from misdirected or incomplete booking arrangements arising from computer malfunction, viruses, bugs or other such causes.
4.6 BA accepts no liability should the Hotline Booker not be able, for any reason, to service their booking pre departure via MMB.

5. Children/Infants

5.1 Hotlines are not available for unaccompanied minors or Skyflyer Solos.
5.2 The Hotline Booker must not make Hotline bookings for unborn infants. When the infant is born, a commercial booking can be made by calling the Local Contact Centre. The infant fare for 2014 is 10% of the lowest available adult published fare at the time of the infant being added to the original booking.

6. Payment

6.1 Hotline prices may fluctuate due to changes in taxes, fees, charges and airline surcharges, which must be paid for in addition to the fare.
6.2 All Hotline bookings must be made by a Hotline Booker and paid for using the Hotline Booker’s Payment Card at the time of booking with the exception of Hotline Bookers resident in the UK/US/Canada/Europe/Bermuda.
6.3 Hotline bookings made by UK/US/Canada/Bermuda/Europe resident Hotline Bookers only can be paid for either by the Hotline Booker’s Payment Card or by the passenger’s credit or debit card. The Hotline Booker may only use the passenger’s credit or debit card if expressly authorised to do so by the card holder.
6.4 If either the Hotline Bookers’ Payment Card or the passenger’s credit or debit card is not authorized, the Hotline booking will fail and no confirmation will be provided by BA. If BA issues Hotlines and does not receive, in full, all payments agreed to be made in respect of that Hotline booking BA shall be entitled to seek recompense from the Hotline Booker, regardless of the credit card / debit card used.
6.5 If the Hotline Booker has paid using his / her Payment Card the Hotline Booker must not accept payment for the Hotline booking from the passengers until after the passengers have received their tickets or email e-ticket receipts.
6.6 The Hotline Booker must not charge passengers more than the Hotline fare, together with all relevant taxes, fees, charges and airline surcharges or in any way benefit from the scheme. If the Hotline Booker contravenes this provision, BA will require the Hotline Booker to pay to BA the difference between the Hotline fare and the full published fare for the journey. This will also constitute gross misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action.
6.7 If a Hotline booking is cancelled and the fare rules allow a refund then the refund will be made to the credit or debit card used to pay for the Hotline booking. The Hotline Booker shall reimburse the passengers if applicable.

7. Hotline Abuse

7.1 Breach of Clauses 6.2, 6.3 6.4, 6.5 and 6.6 will be treated as abuse and may lead to further investigation and appropriate action. In addition the Hotline Booker may be banned permanently from buying or using Hotlines
7.2 Hotlines cannot be used for business travel. Any Hotline Booker found selling Hotlines for business travel will be subject to disciplinary action that may include but not limited to being permanently banned from Hotline.
7.3 Any Hotline Booker found constructing and selling package deals using Hotlines will be subject to disciplinary action including being permanently banned from Hotline. A “package deal”, for the purposes of this clause, means combining a flight with accommodation, car hire or any other ancillary tourist service.
7.4 Request to upgrade cabin of travel or the ‘ad hoc’ offering of lounge access on Hotline flights must not be requested under any circumstances except where there is additional collection to be made or class of travel permits. Any “unpaid” upgrades made on Hotline bookings other than for last minute operational reasons will be seen as misconduct and may result in disciplinary action against the staff member and upgrade authoriser.

8. Booker Accountabilities

8.1 The Hotline Booker must brief all non-staff passengers about these terms and conditions.
8.2 Hotline Bookers are responsible for the behaviour of themselves, their friends and their family when travelling on Hotlines. Breaches of this condition by the individuals travelling may lead to the Hotline Booker being permanently banned from Hotline benefits and may face disciplinary action.
8.3 The Hotline Booker is responsible for ensuring that all passengers travelling on Hotlines have valid passports, visas and vaccinations.
8.4 The Hotline booker is responsible for ensuring that passengers have completed all Advance Passenger Information required in relation to their itinerary, before arrival at the check-in desk, using Manage My Booking on
8.5 The Hotline Booker remains responsible for ensuring all payments are made to BA in respect of any Hotline booking, regardless of the method of payment the Hotline Booker used to make the Hotline booking.

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